Stuck In The 80s

About This Show

 Stuck in the ’80s is a podcast and blog devoted to the movies, music and pop culture of the 1980s. Our twice-monthly podcasts tackle new topics each show and include the infamous “Seggies,” where listeners can win swag by answering music and movie-related challenges. The blog is updated each weekday. Both are free.

Steve and Brad on The '80s Cruise 2016" width="400"/>Over the years, the production of the podcast has evolved. We began back in 2005 with a digital recorder and two microphones. Eventually we moved into a soundproof audio studio on the fourth floor of the Tampa Bay Times in downtown St. Petersburg. These days, we record via Skype and edit the show using Audacity.

Stuck in the ’80s started in July 2005 as a 10-minute-long podcast. A few months later the accompanying blog was launched. Both the blog and podcast were created by Steve Spears, then a web editor for the Tampa Bay Times, the largest daily newspaper in Florida. Over the years, a variety of co-hosts and correspondents have contributed regularly to Stuck in the ’80s. Brad Williams, aka “Brad in LA,” joined the podcast as co-host at the end of 2012. Kevin Wuench also started his daily “Lost and Found” blog column at about that same time.

Brad and Steve

Brad and Steve